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Core Values



Excuse Our Hot A** Mess We're Under Construction

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Only Those On "The List"

Receive a personal email invitation from me containing the RSVP & exclusive link granting access to the secret website.


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"The List" is separate from the SheDoo email subscription list. It's for those exclusively interested in booking personal readings. Ever though openings will be announced publicly on social media only 'The List's' VIPs will have access to booking. If you're not already following me on social you can do so below. 



Princess India

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Journey Couture

You're one of a kind and so is your journey...

I'm just here to love your face and suggest the best ethereal designer fabrics 

as you curate the greatest passion project this world has ever seen... 

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My Fav



My Fav



My Fav



Curated Services for Couture Souls

 Each of us is unique and so are our challenges.

For this reason, my intention is to offer a one of a kind experience for each of my clients.


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The Birth Rights of the Sacred Self are a resource for establishing boundaries

The Sacred Self

This is a great tool I use with clients to help them unearth and identify their values.

Values Exercise

A Lemon a day keeps the low vibes away...wait what?! I didn't believe it either!

Lemon Detox


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