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Session I: Assessing Your Soul Culture

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is a multi session webinar series designed to educate, empower, and equip you with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to discover and manifest your life's purpose. 

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Assessing Your Soul Culture

In the first session you will begin your journey by assessing your soul culture - your innate values, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, talents and strengths- the sacred psychospiritual elements that make you YOU!  


Together we'll dive deeper into the topic of “soul culture” to understand why knowing yours is vital to manifesting your life purpose. You'll engage in an interactive self-assessment exercise and take several psycho-spiritual assessments designed to uncover your values, passions, motivations, strengths and personality type, You will also be given additional resources to help you continue to assess & research the corner stones of your life purpose.

Ever wonder WHY you never do what you should do, often do what you don’t want to do, yet rarely ,if ever ,do what you desire to do?

Do you often feel drained, frustrated, stuck, or maybe even numb? Do you often feel like a passenger in your life? Going along for a ride, driving around aimlessly with no concrete destination in mind? Does your life lack a clear sense of direction for your future? I mean you do show up everyday, fulfill your duties and responsibilities, yet for some reason you feel unfulfilled…like something is missing ,however you can’t quite put your finger on what that something is…let alone how to go about fixing it. You may have even attempted to figure it out before yet gave up when you found yourself overwhelmed because you didn’t know where to start.... 



Does this sound like you?

If it does its because you aren’t living in alignment with

your life’s purpose and your soul’s culture & desires...

Let's Change That