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Energy Hygiene 101

Energy hygiene are the daily ritual we use to protect, clear, and strengthen your auric field. Your aura and your chakra system are close cousin and we can benefit greatly by keeping them both balanced. This is a quick list I share with all of my clients to get you started.

I would suggest the following as great ways for beginners to start:

Playing Reiki videos on youtube while you meditate.

Downloading John Goldman’s chakra tuner app

Essential oils:

Crown- lavender

3rd eye-rosemary, juniper



Solar plexus- grapefruit, lemon

Sacral- orange, jasmine, yang lang

Root- sandalwood

Spiritual Salt Bath Recipe:

1 cup of sea salt

1cup of epsom salt

2cups of baking soda

5 drops of chosen essential oil

put into a hot bath and sit for 30 minutes


You can use Archangel Michael he's the best Close your eyes and ask Archangel Michael to cover you in the highest white light and to cut all energetic cords that are tied to you and to send all low vibrational energy back to the source from which it came. To cover you in the violet flame and to root and ground your energy into the earth.


A self reiki session is honestly the best solution! if your interested in getting certified I’ll be having a class soon. Register here


Yoga, dance, and physical exercise are also helpful. Make a playlist of music that makes you feel alive. Use this technique when you’re feeling down. It's also important to drink a lot of water specifically alkaline water. You also want to stay away from processed foods and junk or at least cut down.

Take a fast from social media and the internet for a couple of days.

Spend time in nature and near water. You can also walk barefoot in grass.

Burn sage and set intentions in your home and be sure to open the windows


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