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Your dreams possess the answers you seek. 

Every day countless people wake up from confusing and sometimes even terrifying dreams. Some discount the meaning of these nocturnal mental movies, while others innately know to go in search of their meaning. The latter often spends an ungodly amount of money on dream symbol books. Meanwhile, others lose innumerable hours searching google and countless dream interpretation websites only to find that they offer little, if any, insight into the meaning of their dreams. Like you, your dreams are one of a kind and unique to you— the dreamer, so why entrust their significance to a "one size fits all" interpretation? It's time to stop trying to interpret your dreams and start working with them!


In Dream Work: How-to unlock your dreams, you will:

  • Discover how traditional dream interpretation could be limiting many priceless personal growth insights that your dreams have to offer. 
  • Learn the three keys of Dreamwork, as well as a foolproof process to unlock the secrets hidden within your dreams & who they are really about.
  • Uncover what daily habits can be causing you to forget your dreams and how you can prevent this from happening in the future.


Embrace the art of Dreamwork to reveal answers you may not know you're looking for.

Dreamwork: How to unlock your dreams


This book is a PDF digitial download. The Woke Therapist Inc is the copywrite holder and contents of this book cannot be reused resold or reporduced withou expressed permission of copy write holder.

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