Social Distancing it's what's hot in the streets right now...

Social Distancing is ideal ,given the present Corona crisis, however it is not without its own set of ramifications. It's important to know that while we are all Social Distancing ,for some of us, the circumstances can pose some risks to one’s mental health. There’s no need to be alarmed as to be forewarned is also to be for armed.


In its most mundane sense Social Distancing is essentially self-imposed social isolation. Countless case studies have found that temporary or prolonged Social isolation to have notable effects on one’s mental health including increased risk for depression, cognitive decline, anxiety, and substance abuse.


Those already suffering from the aforementioned at an even greater risk of relapse or a reemergence of symptoms. If you or someone you know is suffering with mental illness, are in recovery, or feel you’re at risk now is most certainly a good time to reach out to your sponsor or mental health professional. If you don’t have a current mental health provider take advantage of my partnership with Better Help HERE.

The goal of Woke Hub Social is to combat the effects of social isolation by helping you do just that…socialize. WHS is an online space designed to be an online resource  to socialize with other like minded people from the comfortable social distance of your home. You can attend events ,chat , learn, vent, lurk…heck the options are literally endless.  Each event will be posted here 

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